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Jun 02, 2015

established session on active LTM during failover to standby LB

Hello All, We are encountering memory leak issue on active LTM device. And we trying to analyze the downtime when the active LB fail over to standby and then fail back to active LB.


As far as I know the in progress session would get established to the new active LB, whereas what would happen to the established session on active LB when the fail over begins?


Will the LTM gracefully shutdown the established TCP session, so that that the next packet establish the session to the new active LB?


Regards, Thiyagu


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  • Maybe there some mixup with features. The feature that helps backend efficiency is One Connect. Check that out if you want to increase efficiency.




  • Thanks Guys for your response.If we do not have persistence mirror configured, how the LTM will take to switch over the traffic to the standby LB? In another words how many seconds will there be a downtime during failover process from active to standby?


    Regards, Thiyagu


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      i think you mean connection mirroring rather than persistence mirroring. about the downtime, i do not have a number. maybe somebody here has.