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Jun 24, 2011

Error with redirect




I'm trying to do a ProxyPass for my web application , but petitions are not correctly redirected .






"/corporative/context/application" := " /context/corporative/application pool_application",


"/application" := "/ context/corporative/application pool_application",



"/corporative/context/root" := " /context/corporative/root pool_root",


"/" := "/ context/corporative/root pool_root",



Requests for pool_root are right , but requests to pool_application fail



F5 in the browser include an additional bar, like this:



htt: // /corporative/context/ application -- > redirect to subcompany F5 -- > htt://f5/application -- > pool_application



Pool_application created with: :



Origin -- > Proxy Reverse -- > F5 -- > Tomcat



Then, F5 fails, redirecting petitions to htt://f5//application



Where is the problem ?



Thank you







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  • I think some of your post was stripped as it was between angle brackets. Can you edit it and put spaces after and before the angle brackets like < this >?



  • Hi Hoolio,



    Nothing into brackets, post it's ok. I just edit original data for examples, like "pool_application".



    Thank you


  • Which LTM version are you running? Are you using ProxyPassV10? Can you enable debug in the iRule and post an anonymized copy of the /var/log/ltm output from a failure? Please specify which URI(s) aren't working and what the symptoms of the failure are.



    Thanks, Aaron