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Sep 29, 2023

Error in SAML Identity Provider for Applications Guided Configuration


I recently was configuring an IdP using the guided configuration, but when I deploy it gives an error, "Operation to the configProcessor timed out after waiting 180 seconds. Please increase the timeout or contact the iApp writer for further instructions." I searched for the error and reached F5 K000135136, but it didn't help much. Anyone have any recommendations?

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  • Hi, 

    Could you confirm if your setup is indeed using Route Domains as per the K article? And did you have any luck speaking to F5 Support regarding that Bug ID? (1066813) It seems that the particular bug isn't public on the bugtracker yet, so they should have more information on it. 

    Failing that, one other area that you may want to look into, is the provisioning of the F5 mgmt system (System - Resource Provisioning). If that is set to "small" (the default), and it's a busy system, then these kind of more complex deployments could potentially run into problems. Switching it to "Large" might improve things. This is purely a hunch though, I've got nothing to back this up with. 

    Hope this helps. 

  • To give you some background here, the configProcessor is part of an iAppLX. The Guided Configuration is actually just an iAppLX - this is basically a templating system. It takes your config, mikes it with some templates and creates the necessary configuration.

    So, there are two probably reasons for this - an error on the BIG-IP system or an error in your config. As AlexBCT said, this could be something simple such as a heavily loaded system, or a software bug in the iAppLX. Worth taking a look at the log files to see whether there is anything relevant.

    It could also be your config - so the first thing i would do is to simplify your config, see whether the error is reproducible and narrow it down to where the issue is. If you find that the issue is with your config, raise an F5 Support case as they can add code to catch that issue.