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May 29, 2003

Error codes?

Where can I find the definitions of the error codes that the API can return?



I want to e.g. make sensible decisions when a call returns 'item not found'


when I do a get_list call of some sort.

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  • I posted a question in the perl section as well, but after digging around a bit, it would


    appear (mind you I'm a SOAP novice) that the errors I get back only have a faultcode and


    faultstring. This is unfortunate, since in this particular case, I'm trying to find all monitors


    with the Monitor api, and there seems to be no other way then to query each and every


    node. But when no monitors are found with the 'ITCMLocalLB::Monitor::get_node_monitor'


    call, it send an 'ITCMCommon::OperationFailed' rather than an empty list (which is what


    I woul expect).



    I guess I could simply ignore all errors coming back from this call (since I know they will


    fail), or parse out the string, which seems a little awkward.



    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • That answers that. I guess the Monitor2 interface is really what I should be using?



    Unfortunately I have a chicken and egg thing going here. But I think I figured out


    what I need to do to make all of this work. It's inefficient, but it seems to work.
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    Yes, if possible, using Monitor2 interface will greatly ease your pain in terms of working with monitors, as well as the additional functionalities. :-)
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    All of our errors are returned as OperationFailed exceptions, so you don't need to have the definitions of the error codes, since that would require that the client-side error definitions be updated with each release. The OperationFailed exception has both the error code and error string in there, so from a client's perspective, you'd just do something different if an exception is caught.
  • This was reported early on and was corrected in a later PTF, I believe you mentioned that you were on 4.2PTF02 which this fix is not included in.