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Dec 14, 2010

error assigning diferent pools on an iRule




We have faced a problem with an iRule.



This is the iRule:



Dec 10 13:42:10 tmm tmm[1729]: Rule regla_wap_mms_v1_pt_chatv4_data : Contenido ÂÀ À@Ohttp://µÀ Dec 10 13:42:10 tmm tmm[1729]: 01220001:3: TCL error: regla_wap_mms_v1_pt_chatv4_data - Address in use (line 1) invoked from within "pool pool_WAP"




And the iRule:





set cliente [IP::client_addr]


if {[matchclass $cliente equals $::dg_wap]} {


pool POOL_WAP_v1_PT




if {[matchclass $cliente equals $::dg_mms]} {


pool POOL_MMS_v1_PT








set contenido [UDP::payload 500]


if {$contenido contains ""} {


log local0. "Contenido $contenido"


pool pool_WAP


log local0. "Chat"







The traffic start being balanced to a pool regarding client IP, but for a specific kind of traffic, it must be balanced to a diferent pool.



The first part of the irule seems to work fine, but when second part (CLIENT_DATA), has to be applied, it crashes, and the error above is shown. Do you know what that error means???



I understand there is a problem when assigning to the pool pool_WAP. At that point, one connection has been established to one of the pools of ther CLIENT_ACCEPTED part, and it seems to crash when trying to assign same connection to another pool.



But, the thing is I am not very sure of that behaviour. I have done several tests with other protocols, assigning diferent pools to the connection in the same iRule, i have never seen that error, so i am not very sure of what it meant.



Have you ever seen that error???



Do you know what can be happening??




Thank you very much in advance.







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  • Hi Adrian,



    I think this is a cosmetic issue only as described in an unpublished CR, CR69801. I expect the connections will work regardless of the TCL error. You should be able to eliminate the error using a few different steps:



    - move the code from CLIENT_DATA to CLIENT_ACCEPTED. The UDP payload should already be available in CLIENT_ACCEPTED.


    - create a custom UDP profile with idle timeout set to immediate