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Nov 17, 2010

Enable keepalive on client connections but not on backend servers

Hey guys,



I want to configure my bigip to do the following:




[Clients] (web browsers) ---keepalive connection--> [BigIP] ---non-keepalive coonnection ---> [App Servers]




The main goal is to be able to load balance pipelined requests. I've been reading about OneConnect, but I can't completely understand how it works from the docs, and also seems like overkill for what I need.




Any idea of how could I do that?






Thanks in advance!




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  • there is request header erase setting in http profile. is it applicable?
  • Hi Augusto,



    Out of curiosity, why do you want to support clientside keepalives and pipelining, but not on the serverside? Wouldn't you just put more load on LTM for no benefit to the clients?



    If you allow pipelined (or keepalive) requests on the clientside but tell/configure the server to only answer one request, I think you'd run into problems that would break the pipelining on the client side.



    I wonder if you could use a custom OneConnect profile to limit serverside connection reuse (Maximum Reuse) to 1. I haven't tested this but it might be worth a try.



    If you test any option could you let us know what you find?



  • Oneconnnect isn't overkill at all, especially given what you're looking to do in lieu of oneconnect! Plus, it'll benefit the back end devices. I'd start there; it's trivial to configure and has real benefits.