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Sep 29, 2011

Email alerts -

We have customized our SNMP slerts to also send email, and this is very successful.


Wondering if there is any way to get more info into the alert, like a timesatamp ?



currently our alerting tells us if a node (or pool member) is down (differnet Monitors for each)with an emial similar to:



SOAP request failed, Pool member marked DOWN, removed from service. --Alert generated by F5 BigIP




While this is sufficient for Admin staff, it would be great to be able to include less knowledgeable staff in these, and have the email make more sense:



SOAP request failed, Pool member( marked DOWN at (timestamp here), removed from service. --Alert generated by F5 BigIP




SOAP request succeeded, Pool member ( marked UPat (timestamp here)



Any suggestions ?



Thanks !!, returned to service. --Alert generated by F5 BigIP





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