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Jan 31, 2009

Different subnet?

We have a single F5 system here, so my experience with these is limited. This might be a very basic question, then.



Model: LTM-3400


Version: 9.1.2



Is there something special you have to do to tell LTM to talk to servers on a different subnet?




The Gory Details



We have an existing Virtual Server that works great load balancing 4 IIS servers - these are VMWare hosts.





Nodes: - 90



What we'd like is to create a new Virtual Server that load balances 2 IIS servers (VMWare) on a different subnet.





Nodes: and



I created the new VS using the same steps I used to create the old ..



I can telnet to the VIP, port 80



telnet 80




Connected to


Escape character is '^]'.




But when I browse .. it fails. In FF the error is 'Page Load Error - The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.'



When I wget the page ..





(try: 2) => `index.html'


Connecting to[]:80... connected.


HTTP request sent, awaiting response...


Read error (Connection reset by peer) in headers.