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Aug 18, 2014

DevCentral access using Chrome - The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Hello all,


Is anyone else having trouble accessing DevCentral? I use Chrome as my main browser which used to be fine - but from probably 4 or 5 weeks ago - whenever I try to access any DevCentral URL - eg: ...I get this message:


The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.


Your support ID is: 14079010617147482426


Searching on here says that's an ASM message - but since this is an F5 hosted site - that's F5's ASM I'm guessing? Don't know much about ASM - why would it be blocking access from Chrome only? Same URL works fine with IE or Firefox from the same laptop. I can't see any other notes on here about this so I'm guessing it isn't everyone with Chrome?


Any ideas?


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  • Thanks! Just assumed it would fall back to trying to set a new cookie or something at some point - rather than permanently blocking a user forever...? At least I know what to do if this happens again anyway!


  • ASM can check for cookie manipulation, perhaps your browser by accident did something odd which triggered this on the ASM.


    ASM is a nice product, but sometimes it detects things which aren't attacks, just misbehavior of certain products.


  • *Answers own question after spending some more time looking into it :) *


    I discovered that I could actually access Devcentral from Chrome within a VM - so sounded like it was something to do with this particular Chrome rather than all Chrome browsers. I'd already looked at that and cleared my cache, and disabled all my Chrome extensions (as I'd had problems with some of those intercepting websites and breaking things - eg. ones which provide IP and domain information on the web-site) - which made me think that it wasn't anything to do my with Chrome - hence the question on here.


    But then I thought of cookies - which I hadn't cleared. Rather than clear all my cookies - I used the "EditThisCookie" Chrome extension - which lets you see just the cookies for the page you're on. I deleted all the ones with 'Devcentral' or 'F5' - and now I can access DevCentral again.


    So sounds like F5's ASM was objecting to something in my cookies...which presumably that same F5 ASM had set for my browser anyway...


    So I'm happy now! Just out of curiosity though - anyone with ASM experience have any ideas why ASM would be doing that?