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Jan 10, 2018

Determining unused config

Has anyone recently done/seen anything to clean up old config? Both objects unused and VIP's that haven't seen any traffic since the counters were reset?


We're trialing BIG-IQ, and i'm curious to see if there's anything there that can do it, or worst case coding something to at least identify the objects that need to be deleted.


Thanks in advance!


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  • Just off the topic, is there any trial or evaluation license we can get for BIG-IQ, want to explore it. BTW, I personally use Ihealth portal to find the unused configurations (Orphan objects).


  • We got a trial from our account manager.


    Orphaned objects doesn't worry me too much, it's the VIPs that are no longer being hit.


  • You actually can determine this, and you don't need BigIQ to do it. If you look at the statistics for your virtual servers they will report all traffic since the last reboot. You can also manually reset the statistics. Then you just need to look for numbers that are zero or close to it.


    Once you have identified the obsolete virtual servers, you can disable them and see who yells. As long as you have the configuration documented, you can then delete the virtual server after a suitable time period.


    You can also upload your qkview to ihealth and it will tell you if you have objects that are not referenced.