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May 09, 2011

Delay before Irule updated




On my BIG-IP 10.2.1 Build 496.0 Hotfix HF2, I'm using Irule Editor to modify and update my production Irules.


However, I've noticed often a delay before IRule is updated. I'm logging a text into my log and when I tail it, I've to wait several minutes before I could see the recent changes I've done in my IRule.... :( It is particularly annoying when you've to fix a critical bug in production and wait a lot before updates come...



Do you have any idea of this issue ? Thanks for your help,





2 Replies

  • It sounds like you are running into a default behavior (you would need to test to verify if that is the case for your problem), but when you update an iRule it will only be updated for new connections. Existing connections will still use the old iRule.
  • I think Michael hit the nail on the head with this one. The changes to an iRule take effect for all new connections, but not existing ones. If you really wanted to prevent old versions of the rule from running, you could clear out the connection table using 'b conn'.