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Aug 26, 2020

DDOS Protection - F5 LTM



we wana apply DDOS Protection on F5 and wana limit the number on concurrent connections to virtual for protection. I can see that we have connection Limit and rate limit,


So I want 5000 concurrent maximum connection to virtual server what values should I configure, Is this below configurtation correct to limit the F5 to have maximum 5000 connection and drop If limit exceeds.


Connection Limit = 5000

Connection Rate Limit = 5000



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    Yes this make sense to me but whats the creteria to set the connection rate limit, how we know how many connection per second we should allow.


    Any value recomended by F5 for connection rate limit , we cant put any random numbers for connection rate limit as this might be some calculations right



  •  it's depends on many factor, (physical or virtual appliance, bandwith limitation, backend capacity..and so on)

    if you have a support contract, open a ticket about this, F5 ingenieers maybe help you to set the right limitation.