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May 24, 2011

CSS to F5



I am doing CSS to F5 migration and got confused with one VIP config.


CSS has following config


balance aca --> what would be equivalent in F5?


advanced-balance cookies --> This will be cookie persistence.


sticky-inact-timeout 20 --> This will be timeout


string prefix "SMSESSION="


string process-length 36 --> This will be cookie length


string operation hash-crc32 --> This will be Hash Mode in Cookie Persistence



What is this "string prefix "SMSESSION=" " ? is it "Cookie Name" field in Cookie Persistence?



Thank you.


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  • Hi Shishir,



    balance aca appears to be a load balancing algorithm. See these links for more info:







    ArrowPoint Content Aware (ACA)



    The CSS 11500 uses the ArrowPoint Content Aware (ACA) service to gather response time data for every flow for building statistical averages/variances for every service and content rule. The best servers are used, while the slow servers are pruned from the eligible list. This service also can manage persistent connections for e-commerce based on IP addresses (range), Secure Socket Layer (SSL) application IDs, and cookies.




    You could use a dynamic LTM algorithm like Observed or Predictive:



    sol6406: Overview of Least Connections, Fastest, Observed, and Predictive load balancing modes




    I think string prefix is for parsing a cookie:






    Configuring the Content Rule



    Note: Cookies require a Layer 5 rule. You can create a Layer 5 rule by adding a URL. For example, . A Layer 4 rule can be promoted to a Layer 5 rule by issuing the advanced-balance cookies command.




    Specify the prefix located in the string range.



    training4(config-owner-content[cookie-layer5]) string prefix "ASPSESSION"


    "Quoted textual information"(Len: 0-32)




    Regardless, you can use an iRule like this one to persist on a cookie name:




    Or on a URI token and/or cookie: