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Dec 20, 2022

Content Rewrite

I have been using the content rewrite profile to rewrite requests from our externally available URL to the servername:port of the back end pool member. Everything has been working great with that config but I need to be able to use it when there is more than one member in the pool. For example, if a request is load balanced to server1 I need the content rewrite profile to do a rewrite to the servername:port, if it goes to memberserver2 then I need it to the same thing for that server. Is there a way to do that with the content rewrite profile or is there an iRule that can statisfiy this? 



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  • Hi etherchannel01 , 
    I have deployed this iRule to simulate your scenario of URL rewriting : 

    when HTTP_REQUEST { 
        if { [HTTP::host] equals "shopping.asm.f5"  } { 
            HTTP::header replace Host [LB::server addr]:[LB::server port] 

    and I got this Result on my lab : 

    you can see the host has been changed to the selected pool member and port. 

    > in your scenario you want the pool member-name:port , not pool member ip address:port 
    so try to use 

     [LB::server name]:[LB::server port] (instead of)  [LB::server addr]:[LB::server port]
    There are a lot of options with  [LB::server] function 

    > may my iRule meets your Concern or give you a clue to find the optimal solution , I test it on my lab and it has given me the expected result accourding my lab scenario. 

    > If this available with you , I want to see how do you configure the Content rewrite profile , it just for adding to my knowledge.