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Aug 25, 2011

Console strange symbols

Hi all,



When i connect via console port, I have strange symbols on one BigIP of my pair.



It do it only on the passive BigIP.



It's not like the speed issue, some characters or word are readable, see in the exampe like 'kern' 'login'


)ÿBIk–5ˆŒ0.1¹ƒ‘´ Úld š6F 䳃…Kern•c$ä™3YFŽ-1Ù£ä™YFY6ÛÍ.1¹ƒæ™¶Í˜pp zs“DÞ86_645RüeuÉ«š’äÙ§Ùlloginéü ÿ ÿ ÿ



The configuration for the two boxes is the same : 19200 8 1 N and I check the speed of AOM and Serial :



ssh aom


bootenv baudrate=19200





b hardware baudrate 19200


b save



I think it's not due to speed or serial control, does anybody ever have a similar issue?



Have you some idea to investigate?



I know the problem disappear rebooting the equipment but it come back regulary.





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  • Hi all,



    This is a known issue on v10 :