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Nov 18, 2010

Configuring snmpd to send responses out of different ports or addresses



In the following article:




It states how to configure snmpd to send responses out of different ports using the "-p" option. We require the snmpd to send responses out of the traffic interface as oppose to the mgmt interface. When we run this command"




snmpd -p 161,tcp:161@




It does not respond to queries on the interface but does on the mgmt interface and from localhost. Has anyone had issues with this before?


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  • In 10.x, you can configure a TMM route and then the traffic should be sent out the corresponding interface from a suitable self IP on the egress VLAN.



    You can do this using the GUI under Network | Routes or with the 'b route' or 'tmsh create net route' commands.




    SOL3669: Overview of management interface routing




    Outbound administrative connections



    Outbound connections sent from BIG-IP by administrative applications (SNMP, SMTP, SSH, NTP, etc.) are processed by the Linux operating system. These connections may use either the management address or a self-IP address as the source address. The BIG-IP compares the destinaton address to the routing table to determine the interface through which BIG-IP routes the traffic.



    Note: This behavior applies only to unsolicited outbound traffic: traffic that is not in response to a request originated by a remote host. A response to a request originated by a remote host will be returned to the last MAC address traversed by the inbound request.