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Jan 05, 2021

Configure HSL via GUI to send log to pool of Remote Syslog

Dear all,


I want to configure HSL on a cluster of BIGIP (V13.1.3) to send logs to a pool of 2 syslog servers.

I use the configuration utility :

I first created a pool on the BIGIP : name POOL_HSL_SYSLOG. 

pool is UP


1st step: system->logs->configuration->log destination (i selected the previous created syslog pool)

2nd step: system->logs->configuration->log publisher

3rd step: system->logs->configuration->log filters


After the configuration, i dont see logs on the remote syslog server.

anything else missing ?


please advise,



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  • Hi kees,


    the Issue has been resolved.

    i've configured Notice as severity level an source=all.





  • Hi Kees,


    In the 3rd step: system->logs->configuration->log filters :

    I configured parameters as below :

    • severity = notice
    • source : all
    • Log Publisher : HSL_SYSLOG_Publisher (HSL log publisher that was created at the step 2).


    And it worked. syslog servers started receive notifications log of the Bigip devices.