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Aug 16, 2021

Configure a monitor/irule to check a webpage health only after login using a test credentials

I am looking for help to configure a monitor/irule to login to a web page with credentials then check the service up/down when the login is successful. It would be really appreciated if someone could...
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    Feb 06, 2022

    Finally, I did it! Staging, UA, DEV environment pools are running currently using this custom health monitor and I have been implementing this in the production environment without any issues.


    Create new health monitor with the following settings:

    From the F5 GUI:

    Send string: POST /Account/SignIn HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\nConnection: Close\r\nContent-Length:10\r\nAuthorization: Basic ZjU6ZjVwYXNzd2Q=\r\n\r\0123456789

    Receive string: 302 Found

    Interval: 10 seconds (use whichever is acceptable)

    Timeout: 31 seconds (use whichever is acceptable)

    Since we need the monitor to login to the website with the credentials we provide, do the following:

    To generate the encrypted auth string like in the send string above:

    1. Log in to the BIG-IP command line.
    2. Generate an encrypted auth string by using the following syntax:

      echo -n 'username:password' | base64

      For example, if you used the user name f5 and the password f5passwd, the output would appear as follows:


    To test the monitor before applying it to the corresponding pool on F5, you can test using the below commands:

    From F5 CLI:


    run /ltm monitor http <health monitor name> destination <dest_ip>
    show /ltm monitor http <health monitor name> test-result


    Happy learning!