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Jan 31, 2012

Configuration Archive file not readable

i created config archive & downloaded to my PC , when i opened it using "NotePad" it is in non readable Format ?

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  • Hi SSHSSH,



    A search for UCS on leads to this SOL:



    SOL4423 - Overview of UCS archives




    Basically, a UCS is a gzip compressed tar archive. So you can use a Zip utility to view the files.



  • have you tried 7-Zip?




  • 7zip works for me.



    What I usually do (this can perhaps be optimized but still :P) is to add .gzip to the filename then extract the file. Then add .tar to the extracted file and extract once more and there you will have the directories and files which the archive contains.



    You might end up with 30-40 or so warnings/errors if you do this on a windowsbox but just ignore those.