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  • I don't see a call in the API for this, but it's a great idea. It would be a feature request for iControl, submitted via a support case.



  • You can pull this already via the API. The status indicator that you see in the GUI is determined by the value of a DB variable named 'configsync.state'. Here's some sample code and the output that I get from running it.






    3 - Config modified on both systems, manual intervention required



    import pycontrol.pycontrol as pc
    myLTM = pc.BIGIP(hostname = '', username = 'admin', password = 'password', fromurl=True, wsdls = ['Management.DBVariable']);
    myState = myLTM.Management.DBVariable.query( ['configsync.state']);
    print myState[0].value;






    The response codes are basically



    0 - Synchronized


    1 - Local config modified, recommend configsync to peer


    2 - Peer config modified, recommend configsync from peer


    3 - Config modified on both system, manual intervention required




    So to use your Green or Red status then Green = 0 and everything else is Red.


  • Nice one Joe, makes perfect sense - I forget about the DBVariable wsdl, excellent stuff!