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Oct 10, 2022

Comparing two UCS backup files

Is there anyway to compare two ucs files? A customer did an upgrade without follow the software compatibility matrix, apparently everything worked ok until until I detected a high cpu consume. F5 support team recommended us to do a rollback and then upgrade again following the software compatibility matrix rebuilding the configuration changes by hand. The problem is my customer doesn´t know how many changes have been made since the bad upgrade so I want to compare the current UCS and the UCS that I will get after doing the correct update process to find the configuration changes

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  • Hello,

    What modules that might have change on the customer's enviornment?

    If you have a BIG-IQ solution, i think this can be done on the CM. as per the below article, "You can compare BIG-IP UCS files of two different devices, or the same device. The device(s) can be running the same or different version of software. Comparing these files allows you to precisely pinpoint differences between configurations and other backup data files"

    By default, BIG-IQ compares the following files in the UCS backup:

    • /config/ZebOS.conf
    • /config/bigip.conf
    • /config/bigip_base.conf
    • /config/bigip_gtm.conf
    • /config/bigip_local.conf
    • /config/bigip_user.conf
    • /config/user_alert.conf



      If there is no BIG-IQ, you can check these files bigip.conf and bigip_base.conf manuallu for the system, network and LTM configuration.

      Regarding the ASM policies, unfortunately, "F5 does not support importing a security policy that was exported from a later software version. For example, it is not supported to attempt to export a security policy from a system running BIG-IP 12.0.0 and attempt to import that policy to a system running BIG-IP 11.2.1."


  • Enrique_Brecedasadly unless you have a BIG-IQ or an old SCF to compare to a new SCF. The best bet here would be to rollback to the old code version and follow the F5 recommended process.