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Dec 01, 2011

CommVault Mail Archiving Fail

I am trying to use email archiving from CommVault. The CommVault service is sitting on the Exchange CAS server which then directs traffic to the CommVault server. When a user opens an archived message via a CommVault plugin in OWA 2010, they get the message:



There was a problem opening your mailbox. You may have already signed in to Outlook Web App on a different browser tab. If so, close this tab and return to the other tab. If that doesn't work, you can try:




- Closing your browser window and signing in again.


- Deleting cookies from your browser and signing in again.




Everything else is working in the F5 - Exchange 2010 deployment. Anyone have any ideas or experience with what the CommVault plugin is trying to do and how to get it to work?




Without the F5 box, going directly to the CAS server it works fine. The error also happens instantly, there is no time out. I am using the single persist iRule and SSL offloading.






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  • do you have an httpwatch or similar capture of the traffic from client directly to the CAS server and then one through the LTM? I'm not familiar with CommVault, though.