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Jan 21, 2016

Communication between Master VIP to Slave VIP



We have one master VIP which is configured on port 443 for which we have two pool members on port 443 , after that we have one slave VIP on port 2500 for which we have two pool members on port 2500.


We want that master VIP should communicate to the slave VIP so that request should reach to the slave VIP pool.


Pls. let me how we can do that ? master VIP is working fine on port 443..




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  • What exactly are you trying to pass to the slave Virtual Server? What you are trying to accomplish will determine how best to proceed. You have described a straightforward Client, Virtual Server, Pool Member configuration, which appears to be working. How does your 2500 virtual server fit into the picture?


  • A request coming in on port 443 can automatically be proxied to a pool member on 2500. We will change the address and port for the back end communication.