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Oct 11, 2011

cluster member offline




when a LTM cluster member in Active/Standby is marked offline, does the synchronisation work? If so, does the synchronisation go through the mgmt interface?

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  • i do not have actual pair right now. anyway, i forced standalone unit offline and noticing interface was still up. incoming and outgoing traffic to non-floating selfip seemed to be working fine. also, i was able to openssl s_client to port 443 on non-floating selfip. unit is 3900 platform running 10.2.1.



    this is information about viprion platform.



    sol13116: Interfaces on VIPRION systems are reported as unpopulated when the network failover configuration is incomplete

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    If the cluster member is offline it is not receiving configuration updates. It will however sync back up as soon as it becomes available again. The synchronization does take place over the management IP addresses. Here is the v11 configuration guide for VIPRION: Check out page 34 for information on the cluster IP addresses and syncing mechanism.



  • Hey, tnx for the info.


    It is not a VIPRION, and the configuration is not synched over the management interface.


    I'll test it asap.