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Apr 21, 2012

client side icmp port unreachable for autolasthop function

Hi, Expert:



Just curious about F5 have function like following scenario:



1. if mobile A start rtsp session, server B start content delivery, start sending udp(rtp) packet to mobile A via F5 auto last hop path( no individual routing record setup)



2. but in some cases, mobile A not sending anything ( ex. rtsp tear down) to streaming server, and offline immediately. but F5 still has auto last hop session. and continue delivery the server's udp(rtp) packets ot Mobile A's ip address and update the autolasthop session timer.



3. so after a while mobile C got mobile A's ip(assigned by ggsn normally), and still got server B udp(rtp) packets. normally mobile C should return icmp port unreachable message to server via F5. (RFC 1122 section



4. my requirements: F5 can have the function if client's icmp port unreachable message reach F5, F5 can autoclear the session record in the auto last hop session db, and stop the auto last hop packet forwarding?



or if you any comments/suggestion for my scenario, welcome.








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