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Jun 04, 2021

Client lost connection, BIG-IP need reset tcp session to server

Hi all

We had a application with hope if client lost connection (ex. breakdown cable network in 1 min ).

--> we would like to reset tcp session from BIG-IP to Clien and from big-ip to Server .


Do you know solution ?

Plz tell me



Hoang Hung

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  • Hi Hoang,


    You should be able to get the necessary result by changing the timers in the TCP profile (see here for more details:


    However, be careful as you may find unexpected side-effects. The default value for TCP connections is 5 minutes and quite a few systems are expecting those timers, so changing it can cause unexpected problems.


    If you want to do this to clean out old sessions earlier, to ensure that there is enough space left in the F5's session table for new sessions, you can also have a play with the Eviction Policies under System ›› Configuration : Local Traffic : Eviction Policy List (


    Hope this helps.