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Jun 10, 2003

Clarification needed

I'm trying to find out all the states of nodes in a pool. I try to run

But since it only takes a list of ip addresses (I tried to a list with use ':'

but it doesn't work). If I use
which takes a
things work as expected, but off course I have to run it seperately for every

node in the pool.

My question, what is the difference between the 2? Will set_node_address_states

disable all services for that IP, whereas set_state will only disable the IP/port pair?

Do the {get,set}_state have to be used together, as well as the


The docs are not extremely clear, although it may be my lack of understanding of the

terminology (note: Sets the states for a sequence of node addresses vs. Set the


enabled state for a sequence of nodes)

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    The difference between working with the Node versus the Node Address is more apparent if your servers provide multiple services. If I need to take a server out for service, setting the node_address_state to STATE_DISABLED is less work than setting the state to STATE_DISABLED for each Node (where Node is a address:service pair) when your server provides multiple services.



    Note that you can get/set multiple node_address_states (in version 4.5)with


    - get_node_address_states


    - set_node_address_states


    These methods take a sequence of node_addresses.