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Feb 24, 2022

Cient based "canary" routing

We are in process of moving applications from on-pre datacenters to the cloud. Applications are running in WebLogic and for now they will be lift & shifted to the cloud, more or les "as is". We would like to have the possibility to go live in a controlled "canary like" manner: selected groups of users will be directed to the cloud DC and the bulk to on-prem. If all is good, then switch all traffic to the cloud DC and bypass on-prem. Is it possible to achieve that without exposing 2 end points to consumers and handle the routing at infra/F5 level ?

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  • Hi tracoget,

    interesting question. Did you think of a criteria based on which you will decided whether a user will be sent to the cloud or to on-prem? Source IP, username, other attributes?
    Maybe having APM in the cloud and sending users either to the cloud or to on-prem could be a solution?