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Nov 01, 2011

Changing UI skin (CSS)?

The input-boxes for Data Groups (classes) are much too narrow for our purposes. What's the best way to fix this?



For some reason Chrome is not following my UserStyles, and the CSS on the LTM is a bit too generic to be sure that tweaking it isn't going to cause problems on other pages.


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  • Hi Arie,



    To answer your post name question.



    Yes, you can modify the CSS for your BIG-IP. There was a discussion thread on this some time ago where someone wanted to differentiate between his BIG-IP Environments by changing the header color of the management console.



    The CSS File that you are looking for is here, but I would advise caution (or at least make a backup if you are going to attempt to alter it):





    Hope this answers your question.
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    Since the group of users is limited and controlled the user styles (a la Greasemonkey) is what I would prefer.



    However, changing the header color is an interesting idea for TEST/PROD.