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Mar 17, 2011

Change root password - is reboot mandatory




I want to update my F5 running 10.2.0 with a new root password (I know the current root password, and would just like to change it)



Just read the following guide regarding changing passwords.



It indicates that I will need to reboot the system for a root password change to take effect, although it looks like this procedure is specifically for a lost password.



Can anyone tell me if I can change the root password without rebooting the system?







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    Hi Rick,



    That is only if you've forgotten the root password, which doesn't sound like your case. All you need to do is SSH (using PuTTY or whatever SSH client you'd like) to the BIG-IP as the root user. Then from the command line, run 'passwd', specify the new password and you should be all good. If you are running a redundant pair, you'll want to perform a config sync to mirror the change to the other unit.



    Hope this helps,



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    Sorry, I didn't fully address the question in the subject line. No, you won't need to reboot.