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Feb 18, 2011

change pool based on external control

I'm not sure how to start this one... here's what I want to do


I want a rule to run and look for something, so that when it exsists will change the pool (or pool members) for a vip.



Background: We have a group of Oracle people who periodically send updates for web servers and databases, they have to go up during a midnight-4am time frame. The web servers updates are prepped ahead of time on a second node and are kept in a separate pool until needed. I am looking for a way to allow them to do something external (like create a file) and have it switch pools so the new updated server is the only one accepting traffic.



I looked at if file exsists syntax in TCL, but I don't think iRules can use the 'file' keyword.



Any thoughts?



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  • Hi TLL,



    I think you could allow the server admins to control which servers receive traffic by using an inbuilt HTTP/S LTM monitor to poll the servers looking for a specific file and file content. When the admins want to take a server down, they can rename the file or change the contents.



    Another option might be to use the iControl API to allow the server admins to programmatically change the LTM pool configuration. This option is more complicated than the monitor based solution, but should give more flexibility on scheduling the changes.