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Jan 09, 2024

Change HTTP header for request

I have mentioned in system's host file vip ip & fqdn as like, after that I want to access but in http header information should be like I have put the url in browser but page should be visible in but in http header info should be af

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  • I really like to use LTM policies instead of irules for these simple requirements.

    Just replace 'host' header with the following ltm policy below and assign it to your virtual server.


  • This is fairly confusing.  Using host files - will only make things more confusing and near impossible to troubleshoot down the road.   You should only modify a host file as a quick test -and put it back - and us a proper DNS entry.

    That being said - can we assume the "systems " host file entry is the client side - and not either the f5- or the backed server?   This would result in the client side computer making calls to -which should translate to   from the client with modified host file   ping    <---will NOT do a nslookup,  it will see the entry in the host file and use that.

    The next step is to ping and make sure that comes back to the same ip ( or what ever you are expecting).

    Lasty - i believe you a look for either a url rewrite - or a header re-write.
    or if its more complex - and you want to detect the IP - and make the change from there


  • Always wonder why with such requests? Is it that dificult to setup another virtual host on the webserver behind the BIG-IP?