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Sep 13, 2011

Change Filer IP addresses

I'm in the process of planning a Data Center migration and one of the steps is changing the IP address scheme of the NAS storage.



I see that you can edit the Filer's IP addresses in ARX but I don't know of any gotchas or impacts.



Has anyone gone through the steps of changing a filer's IP address that ARX uses to connect to?



Here are my steps:


1) Communicate change and outage to end user community - 10 minutes top


2) ARX Manager --> File Servers --> Check file server --> Edit --> change primary and secondary IP address --> OK


3) Cross fingers


4) celebrate with drinks







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    You can only change the IP address of an external filer if there are no shares imported from that filer. So all the shares have to be destaged first, and then reimported afterwards.