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May 10, 2022

Can't delete 'path' inside a partition

I am trying to learn to use FAST, but first starting with AS3.  Starting with "Quick Start"

I ran the example, which worked fine.  When I look in the GUI I see it created LTM objects in partition/path "/Sample_01/A1".

However, I wanted to clean up what it created by deleting all the objects using the GUI (vSever, pool, nodes, etc). When I tried to delete the partition "Sample_01" I get an error saying its not empty. I don't see anything with "A1" either.

I looked in the file system using a bash shell /config/partitions/Sample_01 and don't see anything.
In TMSH I can cd to /Sample_01 and also to /Sample_01/A1/. When I list ltm I don't see much.

I grep'd all the files in the /config folder and don't see any refereences to a an "A1" 'path'.

Any suggestions how to deleted all this stuff that got created using AS3?