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Mar 20, 2012

Cannot Access Internsl Vlan Ip from External vlan

My External vlan has Private iP , my Internal Vlan has public one , i created Forwarding VS on External vlan to allow me to access internal Vlan devices & i can access them all except F5 itself ?


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  • Hi SSHSSH,



    The IP space being public or private shouldn't have any impact to LTM routing. Clients who want to use that VS to access the internal VLAN hosts will need a route for that subnet or those hosts pointing to the LTM self IP on their subnet.



  • Hi hoolio , but be Default LTM will not allow users at External Vlan to access IPs at Internal Vlan with a VS of type Forwarding .


    Hi Tech , Port Lock down is allow all


  • If you configure a virtual server enabled on the inbound VLAN (external in your example), set the type to forwarding and have a route to the clients (or have them on the same VLAN as a self IP) TMM will allow clients to access internal VLAN hosts.



    The port lockdown settings for a self IP won't come into play here. That's only for admin access to the BIG-IP through the self IP addresses.



  • ok , i can access internal vlan devices , but not able to access internal IP of F5 fro management ?