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Nov 14, 2017

Can somebody help me

Hi everyone,

I have a VS "performance (Layer 4)"type, without destination address, which captures TCP traffic by source address, in all ports, and directs it to a POOL. This is working correctly.

This is the configuration of VS

ltm virtual inv_wifi_1 {
    fallback-persistence dest_addr
    ip-protocol tcp
    mask any
    persist {
        source_addr {
            default yes
pool wifi_Any
profiles {
    fastL4_NO_syncookie_protection { }

rules {
translate-address disabled
translate-port disabled
vs-index 2


Now I want the traffic that is being captured and balanced towards the pool to be forwarded, considering the destination IP. I created the following iRule but it is not working. I need some help creating an iRule to make all trafic redirect based on the dest IP address.

ltm data-group internal net_CPD_allow {
    records { { }
    type ip

My irule is the following:

    if { ([matchclass [IP::remote_addr] equals net_CPD_allow]) }{
           log ltm.
       log local0. " IP  [IP::client_addr]  cpd -->"
    pool "wifi_Any"

The irule does nothing. It is developed correctly, since no errors are observed in the compilation.

Can somebody help me

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  • Please change the question title with a summary of the question.


    questions with help me are less read than others.


    I didn't read the question and won't with such title as most DC contributors.