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Mar 31, 2004

Can I get the percentage information of CPU and memory...?

Can I get the percentage information of CPU and memory of BIG-IP machine? I find CPUMetricType but it offers information of CPU_INDEX, CPU_TEMPERATURE and CPU_FAN_SPEED only.



Like window TaskManager, I want to know percentage of CPU working now and memory which BIG-IP use.

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  • On our current platforms you are limited to the characteristics of the CPU temp, fan speed) but not metrics (% idle, etc). There are platform limitations on v4.5.x that limit our ability to provide a meaningful number for CPU usage. The work that is being done is a mix between user mode processes and the kernel and all are not presented by the system in the same way.



    With the next generation of our products (v9.0) we are introducing the concept of "red-lining" where customers will be able to determine when server load will be reached. v9.0 just went into beta and our scheduled ship date is this summer.



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    please can you tell me how can i get those information about CPU_TEMPERATURE and CPU_FAN_SPEED?????? through the CLI.


    Thanks a lot for your answer.
  • You might be able to get these figures through 'b platform' or via SNMP. For the latter, you can check the F5 MIBs on