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Apr 14, 2011

Can GTM be configured to redirect uri?

Can GTM be configured to redirect http requests based on uri? For instance, the uri with will be redirected to and will be redirected to If not doable then what solutions are available to solve this issue.



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  • Hi Alfred,

    A GTM WideIP only accepts DNS queries so it wouldn't be able to handle any HTTP requests or redirections. If you have a GTM+LTM combination license (or just an LTM license), you could define an LTM virtual server to inspect the URI and issue HTTP redirects. You can do that with an HTTP class or a simple iRule:

    Using an iRule:

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
       if {[string tolower [HTTP::uri]] eq "/redirect_me"}{
          HTTP::redirect "http://[HTTP::host]/new_uri"

    Or using an HTTP class:

    profile httpclass uri_redirect_httpclass {
       defaults from httpclass
       pool none
       redirect "http://[HTTP::host]/new_uri"
       paths "/redirect_me"