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Apr 28, 2020

Bypassing DNS Cache for specific DNS queries

I have a VPN configuration where Edge Client users point to a virtual server that load balances DNS requests to three back end servers. I also have DNS transparent cache setup and everything works great. I have a new requirement which is to forward requests for three specific domains to a different pool of back end servers but ONLY if the user making the request is a member of a specific AD group.

The logic is simple:

   if { [class match [string tolower [DNS::question name]] ends_with special-dnsentries_data-group] } {
       if { [ACCESS::session data get] contains "CN=special-AD-group" } {
           pool dns_special_pool

So, if a DNS request comes in for (which is in the data group) AND the user is a member of the “special-AD-group” Active Directory group, then I forward the DNS request to the “dns_special_pool” instead of the default pool assigned to the virtual. I believe the problem I am having is that the next person who requests the same FQDN ( in this example) will receive the IP from the dns_special_pool even if they are not a member of the AD group simply because the FQDN is cached. Assuming this is what is happening, I want to disable the caching of the domains in this data group so that the DNS request always gets forwarded to a physical DNS server for resolution. What’s the best way to do this? If I just add an "else" with the default pool will the irule ignore the cache and always forward the request?

Thanks for the help.

APM 14.1.2

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