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Dec 26, 2022

Bypass WAF for X-forwarder IP in XC

We use the F5 XC and want to bypass the WAF rules if traffic comming from specific IP address in X-forwarder-for field,

X-forwarder-for Field contail Multiple IP address and if any of the IP matches to the list , XC should bypass the WAF rules

E.g. Http header x-forwarded-for :; , requirement is to bypass WAF Rule for the IP 

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  • if you have list of known X-forwarder-for Source IP then create iRule and bypass WAF Policy. This can be possible.

  • As Sudhir_Patamsetti mentioned there is this option that I have not used yet but it is interesting if it will work with multiple ip addreesses in the HTTP header. If the rule has the option to select something like "contains" in the value of a specific HTTP header then it shouldn't be an issue. If you see issues you may need to modify your proxy devices to also add another header that has just one ip address and use that in the Distributed Cloud XC rules.