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Sep 15, 2022

F5 Distributed Cloud HTTP Load balancer

I am trying to use F5 Distributed Cloud HTTP load balancer to select specific origin  pool based on url hostname. Can you suggest how can I do it.

On BIGIP-LIM we use irule and data group to accomplish that as we use multiple url behind same VIP.


Thank you.

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  • This is called Routes in F5 XC. In Load Balancing menu, go to Routes and create the route with the rules and conditions. 

    Then assign this route on your LB (don't assign any Origin Pool). 

  • Hello Matthieu,

    Thank you for reply. I applied simple route and added Request Header to match on hostname but it is not working 100%. every 2-3 out of 4 request getting 404 error. 

    Can you please suggest if I am missing something.


    Thank you.



  • Please share more details?

    • What are the routes rules ?
    • Is it happening only with one rule ? One Origin Server ? Or randomly with all ?