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Jul 04, 2022

Bug with delete connection command

Good afternoon forum,

I need your technical support and experience, since when applying the delete connections command in a virtual server that balances two LDAPs servers, the monitors changed to the down state. It is worth mentioning that the version of f5 is and the applied command was carried out according to the article

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  • Strange? What is your healrh monitor? It is not passive health monitor right?

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      Hi Nikolay1,
      It is not a passive health monitor. I have the default monitor for ldap.

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        Then it is really strange as the health monitor traffic shouldn't be affected if renember correctly (I may test it ).


        If you delete a specific connection for a virtual server and not all the connections to that server, do you see the same issue? (


        Also you may enable monitor debug just too see what is happening:



        • *Debug: Specifies whether the monitor sends error messages and additional information to a log file created and labeled specifically for this monitor. The default setting is No. You can use the log information to help diagnose and troubleshoot unsuccessful health checks. To view the log entries, see the System :: Logs screens.
          • No: Specifies that the system does not redirect error messages and additional information related to this monitor. (default)
          • Yes: Specifies that the system redirects error messages and additional information to the /var/log/<monitor_type>_<ip_address>.<port>.log file.





        Also it is interesting if the client traffic is using different ip address when connecting to the backend server as if you are using a standalone f5 device without floating self ip and you have automap under the VIP then the client traffic and health monitor traffic will use the same ip address when contacting the server and you could be hiting some strange bug or the LDAP server to not like so many terminated RST connections and to kill the health monitor traffic because maybe it comes from the same source IP that generates traffic etc. (better check the server and its logs just in case). Also if nothing helps look at the bug tracker and release notes for known issues and maybe do pcap capture and raise a case.