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Oct 23, 2020

Block Parked Domain

I am know very little in DNS and Network related issue.


Can anyone tell me is F5 Big-IP can block Parked domain? If yes how it is done.


Thanks in advance.

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  • a little more context would be useful. in which traffic should the blocking have to be done? clients to internet?


    do you have examples of parked domains?

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      Thanks for the reply.


      i have a domain and it is protected by F5 big-IP but couple of days ago i find out that is parked in my Is there anyway i can protect my from any parked domain (or parked domain traffic) via f5 big-IP?


      Hope i can make you understand my problem.


      Waiting for your reply.

      • unfortunately I still don't get it.


        how does the F5 BIG-IP protect is it one website or is the F5 BIG-IP the public DNS server for or ….?


        how can someone park in as far as I understand parked domains those are ones that have been bought / registered by someone but there is no site yet. so the company where it was registered puts some default page there. is that what you mean?


        if so how can someone do that to you if you are in control of