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Oct 14, 2020

Block OWA Users Based on Domain

Hello All,


Is there a way to block the users accessing the OWA through the F5 using their domain?


For example, I have 2 domains; and .. I want only users from to be able to use OWA, but users from to be blocked.


Is this possible on ASM/LTM level?

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  • Hi islam.nadim,


    Security  ››  Application Security ›› Headers ›› Host Names

    add host names

    Security  ››  Application Security ››  Policy Building ›› Learning and Blocking Settings

    ›› Headers

    ›› Illegal host name

    Enable alarm and block settings

    Save Policy

    Apply Policy



    when HTTP_REQUEST {
    	if { [HTTP::host] ne "" } {


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      Hello  ,


      Thank you for the reply, maybe I haven't cleared exactly what I'm looking to achieve. It is not related to DNS or FQDNs. It is related to logging in to the OWA. So, if a user types <Username>, he can access .. But if he types <Username>, ASM should block such traffic ..


      I mean, I want only <Username> to be working, but any other domain to be dropped showing ASM block page.


      Hope this clears what I'm looking to achieve.

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        Do you have any login page in your ASM configuration?

        If you deal with logging, then better to configure appropriate login page.


        Thanks, Ivan