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Nov 03, 2010

BigIP Web Accelerator User Experience Tool.

Hi ,



Hello everyone in the past i used True Speed and True View in order to provide performance reports before and after a BigIP Web Accelerator Implementation.



Synphoniq which use to make the product was bought by Coradiant and the product i believe was discontinued.



If anyone has or knows of a tool i would really appreciate the information.






Pablo Charpentier



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  • Hi Pablo,



    HttpWatch provides a fairly comprehensive logging feature with speeds. Have you tried it before? Firebug can be quite useful as well.



    Here are a few other possibilities:





  • I just recently got turned on to one of the ones mentioned on that page: Speed Tracer and have been very impressed so far. It's nice.


  • I use Fiddler which provides pretty extensive data on the user experience.