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Mar 14, 2011

BigIp source addresses

hi all,



I don't know if this is an easy question but it's a bit urgent for me.



We need to balance 2 servers under a VIP for some services, telnet and FTP included.



The pool was correctly created as standard (we manage a lot of pools) but the users have a problem. After that just only one user tried too many times to login with a wrong user/pass, the nodes block the access from him. After that, nobody can't login because the source address for those 2 servers are not the real of users but the BIGIP..




I remeber something that this issue doesn't happen on some pool because being http users ip address is incapsulated in the packet and checking it, servers can know who is the real source. But how can avoid this in a normal telnet or FTP session?



There is a setting or an iRule to make a transparent balacing in BigIp so that servers can receive users as sources and not BigIP nat?



Thanks you

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