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Mar 13, 2021

BigIP not available after upgrade from 13.1.4 to 13.1.6



I cannot log on BigIP after the upgrade. But the node is up.

Help would be appreciated!

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  • Hey Mate ,


    The info that you provided is not enough to help you OUT . Can you access the F5 Node through CLI ?


    or BOTH CLI and GUI page not accessible ? Can you ping the mgmt interface IP ?


    Please provide as much detail as you can . Also , i assume you have a proactive TAC open with F5 for support ?

  • thank you Deepak!

    the problem is fixed. But I have one question to you! : is it true that there is known bug on 13.1.x (that F5 is actually working with, now) regarding the muti-partition BigIP (several config file on several local partitions locally) : when you upgrade from a version to another you should not need to export the file as well, although the versions are on different partitions (which I did). But actually you have to select your config as well.