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Jan 29, 2024

bigip-next VE - LAB license

Hello, I'm interesting about bigip-next virtual edition - is there license for lab usage with limited bandwidth (similar to "bigip lab ve" license)? I know that I can use a trial license, but for my lab I prefer a perpetual license (not 30- or 45-days only).

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  • no info on that just yet, but as you say, you can use the trial license to spin up Next VE instances, just nuke/pave when the instance expires with a new instance, your trial license should still work for that.

  • From what I have heard those are not available at the moment. If you have a F5 account team I would suggest telling them it would be very nice to have those.

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      Thanks for info. I have the same information, that's the reason of my question to community. It seems, that we have to wait a while - till then, I will use HW device.