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Apr 03, 2012

BigIP LTM and Nexus 7k NX-OS

Does anyone out there run BigIP (Viprion) connected to Cisco Nexus 7k switches? Do you use vPC's? Or just 1:1 port-channels?



Any problems?




(Sorry, we're looking at this in detail for a customer, and would like to know someone has done it before... If theres any references out there, that would be great...










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  • We will be migrating to the 7K in the next few months, so I would be interested in this as well.



  • We are using Nexus 7k with Viprion 2400s. Currently we are using port-channels and no VPC. 11.1 HF4



    We also have a Nexus 7k attached to some bigip 6400s. On those we are using VPC. 11.1 vanilla.




    We are currently seeing problems with our Viprion setup. When one of our device group members does a failover to another member, it downs its ports ( built-in mgmt as well as traffic processing ports ). When we do a failover from the other side of the cluster we do not see this behavior. Identical Nexus 7k setups and code. Identical Software and Bigip setups and code. F5 is currently escalating to help find the issue.



  • Our problem is now solved. F5 support was able to find that a running config was set for failover standby linkdown time for one of our servers but was not written out to files. Viprion with Nexus 7k is working great now.