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Dec 21, 2010

BigIP 4.5 support

When I connect using the testclient app it works fine against our enterprise 9.4 bigIP but when I try to connect to our pre prod 4.5 bigIP initialized returns as false and LastException is set to: "Unknown method \"{urn:iControl:System/SystemInfo}:get_version\"".

Is this simply not supported or is it a port or other configuration issue?




Jim Helms


Corbis Corp.


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  • Hi Jim,



    What is the test client application? Is it using iControl? If so, I believe the iControl API wasn't compatible between 4.x and 9.x or 10.x. You might get more relevant eyes on your question if you post in the iControl forum here:





  • The .net iControl assembly zip has a .net solution called testclient.sln that is used as a demo app.